About US


Nolia was born on December 19, 2014, but in my soul I have built this dream step by step since the beginning of my career as a stylist-prosthetic nail in 2009.
In my profession I have grown and developed due to my passion, ambition and continuous improvement, both at courses, seminars and workshops and through a lot of work. My job defines me as a person, helped me to become a better man, more patient, more balanced and hard working.
I set up the company together with my husband, Mihai Bruma, whom I would like to thank for their trust and support. Although the search for a suitable producer started in 2011 only over 2 years ago we managed to find a producer in Germany who not only offered us some products of exceptional quality but different from many points of view.
Yes, Nolia is different, it is a separate category of gels and you will give me justice in the second you will sink your brush for the first time in our gels.
At this moment we are in full expansion, we are considering and we make all efforts to conclude collaborations with other producers not only of gels but of templates, batteries, solutions, consumables, nail-art, equipment, etc. We are confident that in a few months we will be able to offer you a complete range of products necessary for a manicure or a pedicure, both artificial and natural.
Why we created Nolia and what is our purpose?
Nolia is a brand based on which my experience as a technician has been acquired all these years, I personally test the products before adding them to our offer so for me and my technique they are the perfect products. Our goal is to offer a varied and yet balanced range of products. We do not want a variety of 15-20 products from the same category, 5 different types adapted to the difficulty of the executed work I think it covers the need and the preference of any technician!
Since we intend to be as close as possible to you, we will try to organize seminars and courses, we will make video and photo tutorials in which I will explain and show you personally the fastest, most efficient and minimal loss method for Nolia products. I can say that we offer you our products along with clear instructions for use, we show you a fast, easy technique that guarantees the desired results as long as you are 100% involved in order to perfect yourself.
How do we test a product?
First of all, we carefully analyze the perceptible qualities immediately: color, odor, resistance to the working instruments, consistency, grinding and the degree of effort to perfect it, flexibility, polymerization and dispersion layer, any changes after polymerization, and not in lastly we check the experience of the person to whom we make an extension or maintenance (discomfort, pain, sensitivity).
Then follows the second phase of testing, ie after 5-6 weeks after application, we check the nails of the person who wore them and observe: adherence to the natural nail, possible color change over time, resistance to scratches or mechanical shocks, etc.
Therefore, the process of testing in the laboratory we consider that it is the job of the chemists, and our job is to test the products in real life, they are tested in everyday life by ordinary women wearing nails made with our products. In addition, in this way we will not only know each product offered by us very well, but we will be able to help you if you encounter difficulties in using it.
In closing, I will remind you that success is easy to achieve if you have the necessary ingredients. We offer you exceptional quality products that make your work easier and with which you will get beautiful and resistant work. You have to do nothing but give your best, let your imagination run free and create ...
Helena Bruma.

Later edit June 10, 2018!
After more than 3 years of hard work officially Nolia product range is complete, we now have the most exclusive products, specially designed to ease the work of any technician. It lasted quite a long time, but as I promised I selected the best products for you.
We hope you like our products as much as you do. I'm up for shopping!