Nailitude 2021

Be the next NOLIA BRAND AMBASSADOR, join a super team and win spectacular prizes.

Direct link to the competition:

The Interantional Nailitude online competition takes place exclusively in the Nailitude-Nolia Nails facebook group and is addressed to all technicians from all over the world, regardless of the level of experience or technique used.

We encourage technicians to go above and beyond and offer us special and original works. The photos of the poster type, with model, make-up and hairstyle, possibly also props if necessary, will be especially appreciated by the Nolia team. The correctness or resistance of a work are elements that do not matter as much as the originality, courage and vision of the technician.

1st place - 1,000 euros + the title of BRAND AMBASSADOR Nolia 2021
2nd place - 500 euros
3rd place - 250 euros
4th and 5th place - 100 euros each

The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will benefit from a 2-day visit to the Nolia Shop & Academy headquarters, all related expenses (road, accommodation, meals) will be borne by Nolia Beauty SRL where they will benefit from a special poster photo session which will appear in the Nolia 2022 agenda.
Prizes expressed in euros are presented in the form of a shopping voucher valid on or, any amount that exceeds the value of the voucher is paid by the winner. Shipping fees or any other fees related to the order are borne by the winners either from the amount of the voucher or additional as required by the situation.

Deployment period:
April 12 - May 14, 2021


Stage 1 - Registration April 12 - 20, 2021

Add in the comments a photo with a manicure made by you respecting the theme "Less is more", collect the largest number of likes and enter the race for the grand prize. Out of the total registrations, the first 40 technicians with the highest number of likes will automatically qualify for the semifinals, to which will be added another 10 technicians chosen by the Nolia Academy team.

Stage 2 - Semifinal April 21 - April 29, 2021

All 50 qualified competitors in the Semifinals will send a work / photo with the theme "The 1950 - 1960 manicure trends" along with a short description and Nolia products used to the email address and with the title Nailitude on April 29 at 11:59 p.m. On April 30, all photos will be published in the Nailitude - Nolia Nails group by the group's administrators in a special album created for the competition. Until May 3, the likes accumulated by each participant will be registered.

The first 10 participants who accumulated the most likes will qualify in the final, to which will be added 5 more participants chosen by the Nolia team.

Stage 3 - Final May 3 - May 13, 2021

Participants will send 1 work represented by 1 photo with the theme "Manicures in different cultures" along with a short description and Nolia products used to email until May 9 at 23.59. On May 10 will be published on the group all the photos as in the semifinal in a special dedicated album.

The winner of the grand prize will be the person who obtains the highest score calculated according to the formula:

50% likes + 50% votes of the Nolia team

The next winners will be named in descending order according to the same formula mentioned above.

The votes of the team will not be made public but will be made available to those participants who request additional clarifications.

In order to accumulate the most likes, the participant can tag unlimited number of persons in response to the participant's photo, shares, group invitations, etc. are allowed.

The voting will stop on May 13 at 18.00, during the day of May 14 the list of winners will be announced.

Personal data will be used exclusively by Nolia Beauty SRL organizer and exclusive beneficiary of the Nailitude 2021 campaign.

Good luck!